Welcome to Tridisoft!


Tridisoft develops image and video processing software that are based on algorithms for automatic detection of relief. These programs are capable of generating a three dimensional view from any (single) two-dimensional image (TriDiStill) or video (triDiMovie)

A great variety of proposed effects, enable artistic, entertaining and/or unusual transformations of your pictures. Play with parameters to explore the infinite possibilities!


Depth perception can be achieved by various methods, eg by superimposing two separate images for each eye through binoculars, prisms or just by squinting:


stereo image


or by using different colored glasses for each eye, looking at a single image called anaglyph:



Beyond these standard transformations, the depth information can be used to generate amazing new effects. Visit the TriDiStill  gallery to see some examples.

TriDiMovie transforms a 2d video in 3D (watch with anaglyph glasses):