Frequently Asked Questions


– What’s a Tridi License?
Tridi license is a license that you purchase on the website (click here to buy one). It identifies your computer and unlocks all limitations of the free downloaded version. Connected to your computer, it will not work on another machine.

– What’s the Product User Code and where can I find it?

The Product User Code is the code we need to generate your license. It is visible at the bottom left of the window ‘User License’, accessible from the menu About/Your User License, or by clicking on this icon ico-info on the toolbar. You will be asked for it at the time of license purchase. If you accessed the purchase page directly from the software – link “Order your license online, in the same window – it is automatically transmitted.

Code produit utilisateur

– Can I get a second license for my new computer?
Yes, if you ask nicely …

– How do I install my license?
Your license will be delivered as an attachment in an email. To install it into the software, follow these steps:
1 – save the attachment to your hard drive, under the name ‘license.key’. Note the location where you drop the file, you will need it later;
2 – launch the software. The window ‘License Agreement’ should appear. Click ‘Validate license; faq-validlic
3 – select the file ‘license.key’ in the location where you saved it, then click Open.
That’s all … Your license should be validated and your software should be unlocked.


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